Food styling

As people always say, 'Eat with your eyes first.' Before capturing beautifully presented food on a plate in one single still frame with your camera, it is important to realise a photograph can only be as beautiful as the subject. Food styling and plating are two very important elements of a beautiful photograph. Unlike other forms of photography, where all you need is a good eye and a camera, food photography involves not only these elements, but also requires a knowledge of cuisine and styling.

Food is photographed for a lot of different purposes. It can be photographed for recipe books, editorial, advertising or for online purposes such a blog. In general, the purpose of each type of food photography is to make food look tempting, delicious and fresh. Depending on how the photograph will be used, there are several elements that should be understood – the lighting requirements, the technical knowledge, the food/dish itself. If the photograph is to be used for commercial purposes, then the client's requirements are foremost.

Chris has an extensive knowledge of food and having also been a former chef is in a unique position to understand the requirements of the photographer, the chef, the agency and, most importantly, the client. He draws on his background in art to produce visually stunning food that is inspired by design and clean styling.